Widex Moment Updates

If you are currently wearing Widex Moment hearing aids, check out the following announcements!

  • Hearing aid firmware update: if your hearing aids are connected to the Widex Moment app, this quick update will automatically push through the app. If you do not have the hearing aids paired to the app, then we can update in the office.
  • What’s included in this update? Better battery life and improved Bluetooth connection.
  • This updated also corrected any hearing aid repeating the start-up indicator (right ready-left ready).
  • Do you have Widex TV Play? Now you can adjust the TV play settings in the Widex Moment app!
  • ound Sense Learn is now My Sound. Based on the preferences collected, My Sense is faster than Sound Sense Learn and gives 2 recommendations based on a few inputs to improve hearing preferences.
  • My Guide: This new menu bar has video instructions, troubleshooting guide, tips for better hearing, and you can set a daily reminder to put your hearing aids on.

If you don’t have your hearing aid paired to your phone you can update the firmware in our office. Call to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions. 847-685-1000.

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