Nasal Polyps

By: Kelly Warf, Au.D.
Sanjeev Balamohan, M.D.

You may have heard of polyps, but did you know they can form in your nose? Polyps are a small formation of cells. They can grow in the lining of the nasal or sinus cavity, preventing adequate airflow, therefore, causing breathing issues. Nasal polyps are more often non-cancerous, but if they are blocking the nasal cavity they can cause problems.

The cause of nasal polyps is not fully understood but those who suffer from allergic rhinitis, asthma, sinus infections, and cystic fibrosis are at a higher risk of developing them. Symptoms may include difficulty breathing through the nose, decreased sense of smell, chronic nasal drainage, or post nasal drip.

Treatment may begin with medications to shrink the polyps and manage symptoms. If the polyps are unresponsive to medication, then an endoscopic surgery may be recommended to remove the polyps.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described above, please schedule an appointment with us today so we can determine the underlying cause and create a treatment plan. Schedule your appointment at the Ear, Nose, and Throat Center today. Call 847-685-1000.

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